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Latest Prerelease 2.95 Build 257

Welcome to the Prerelease Download page

Prerelease Version 2.95 Build 257 is available.

This addresses a parsing issue for PADS Logic netlist files, that were being mapped to POWER PCB PCB files. This version also does explicit licence file checking for the Doctar license file - license.txt and if a floating license the file license.dat It does not have the changes in the 254 release.

Pre Release Rev X 2.95 (Build 257) Information:

Click here to download the release.

Prerelease Version 2.95a Build 254 is available.

This release is a stop gap for companies that can not get DSN processing to work. This is a re-release of our older approach to pulling data from DSN files. For 17.2 designs, please set your CDSROOT variable to c:\Cadence\SPB_16.6 We are hoping to have a long term fix to DSN issues soon.

Release Rev V 2.95a (Build 254) Information:

Click here to download the release.

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